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Here are some great links:


Faroese links:

Føroya Teldu Import - A Faroese computer company

DRAGIN KG - 212 - The Faroese sailing/trainingship Dragin (I've also made this homepage)

Kristoffer's flight sim page - Great flight sim accessories (He forced me to link to his page)

Tekniski Skúlin í Klaksvík - The technical school in Klaksvik

- The Faroese television station

Útvarp Føroya - The Faroese radio station


Danish links:

 Tv-guiden - A great TV guide

Danmarks meteorologiske Institut - The Danish weather observation centre


Other great links:

Hotmail - Get a free e-mail address

Geocities - Get a free homepage

Tripod - Get a free homepage


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